Core Computing and Networking
TUDA Logbooks
The TUDA elog is managed by Chris Ruiz
Twist Experiment
The E614 elog is managed by Renee Poutissou and Konstantin Olchanski
Dragon Experiment
The Dragon elog is managed by Chris Ruiz and Mike Trinczek
M9 Solenoid
The M9 solenoid elog is managed by Doug Preddy
ALPHA Antihydrogen Experiment
The ALPHA Antihydrogen elog is managed by Makoto Fujiwara
TACTIC Experiment
The TACTIC elog is managed by Thomas Kirchner
PIENU Experiment
The PIENU elog is managed by Renee Poutissou
TRILIS laser Experiment
The TRILIS laser elog is managed by Jens Lassen
The Tigress elog is managed by Greg Hackman
NEURAL Logbook
The NEURAL elog is managed by Gotz Ruprecht and Lothar Buchmann
ISIS Logbook
The ISIS elog is managed by Ray Dube
OLIS Logbook
The OLIS elog is managed by Brian Minato
Liquid Xenon Logbook on the Elog Server , Logbook on msdaq1
The Liquid Xenon elog is managed by Alice Miceli
Cosmic-Muon Detector Logbook
The Cosmic-Muon Detector elog is managed by Zhiyi Liu
A generic data analyzer tool managed by Gotz Ruprecht
ATLAS Detector Upgrades
Log-books for ATLAS Detector Upgrade projects - managed by Leonid Kurchaninov
Radiation-Protection Group
Log-books for the Radiation-Protection Group - managed by Roxana Ralea
I3 Development
Log-books for the I3 ion source facility - managed by Ray Dube
Log-books for ISAC-II RF group - managed by David Longueve
MIS Servers
Log-books for MIS group - managed by Glenn Jones
Ion Source Test Facility
Log-books for Ion Source Test Facility - managed by John D'Auria
Target Ion-Sources & Remote Handling
Log-books for Target Ion-Sources & Remote Handling - managed by John Wong
Vacuum & Cryogenics
Log-books for Vacuume & Cryogenics - managed by David Kishi
Log-books for EMMA - managed by Barry Davids
Log-books for DSL - managed by Barry Davids
Log-books for VECC - managed by Peter Harmer
Francium Experiment
Log-books for Francium Experiment - managed by John Behr
MUSR Experiment
Log-books for MUSR Experiment - managed by Robert Kiefl
Instrumentation Physics
Log-books for Instrumentation Physics - managed by Aleksey Sher
Log-books for ARIEL Targets & Ion-Sources development
Active Target at TRIUMF
The ATT elog is managed by Chris Ruiz